Slumber With A Key
"Dreaming with Open Eyes" - Max Blue (PDF)


Slumber with a Key

The Artist’s Dreams

1) Mari Andrews interpreted the dream of Robert Hardgrave:
I was with a crowd of people and couldn’t get away.

Mari Andrews Artist Statement / Bio / CV

2) Marc D’Estout interpreted the dream of Leif Low-Beer
Flattening coins on the railway tracks.
The tracks are on the ridge of a canyon, like the Grand Canyon but not the Grand Canyon.
I meet a woman who I think should sleep in my train berth.
I attempt to hint at this fact. Slightly frustrated by her obliviousness even as I acknowledge to myself that my hints are more or less imperceptible.

Marc D'Estout Artist Statement / Bio / CV

3) Beverly Rayner interpreted the dream of Martin Scholten
My son and I are visiting the zoo. He wants to see the panda bears, because they are his favorite animals. When we reach their enclosure, there are a lot of people standing in front of it. We manage to get into the front row. There are two pandas, they are sitting on benches, made of wooden planks. When we look closer, we see that they are hunched over a jigsaw-puzzle with at least 1000 pieces. On the floor, there are piles of pieces, arranged according to their color. I recognize that it is one of my paintings that they are trying to put together. My son says: Look, the pandas are in quarantine and have to kill time.

Beverly Rayner Artist Statement - To Kill Time
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4) Martin Scholten interpreted the dream of Walter Robinson
Me and a group, some kids on a patch of dry white/ochre earth. It’s in France maybe, or the middle of a board game, Yellowstone Park? The earth starts shaking and heats up . We run around and try and find a spot to stand on that won’t ignite. Earth bubbles like burnt pizza. My plot heats up. The tv picture of my life turns to white and buzzes & I’m dead.

Martin Scholten Artist Statement
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5) Vanessa Woods interpreted the dream of Mari Andrews
I have a recurring dream that I am in a vast building with many rooms. It is dark and grey and seems abandoned. I cannot find the exit. A robotic person is pursuing me from one room to another. I cannot find the exit. This creature is following me in a slow plodding way. It has red eyes. When it finds me, and it always does, it moves like a ratchet to align its eyes with mine. If I cannot get away I believe it will destroy me with its eyes. I am tired and scared in this dream, and can’t get out of the building.

Vanessa Woods Artist Statement / Bio / CV

6) Balint Zsako interpreted the dream of Beverly Rayner
I walk one foot directly in front of the other along an oddly cupped, very narrow, mossy, concrete pathway from dry land through a swamp and a pond. I make it to a tiny island, and suddenly a friend is with me. Carved wooden figures/objects are stacked and intertwined with tree roots and trunks at the edge of the woods. It is getting dark, and we know we can’t make it back along the path in time. A man in a boat comes by but we can’t get his attention, so we find a tiny shelter to stay in overnight. The man in the boat returns, but we can’t get out of the shelter, because something is blocking the door. Suddenly the guy from the boat is in the shelter with us. He is giving my friend a hard time, harshly telling him that he needs to help himself, and that his face “has been like a coffin since Luke died.” My friend is despondent and mumbles to me that he wants a girlfriend, but he can’t get one because, he says sarcastically, “I’m so fascinating.”

Balint Zsako CV

7) Gina Pearlin interpreted the dream of Vanessa Woods
I’m watering the garden with a hose on a very hot day. I am holding my thumb over the mouth of the hose to create spray. The spray casts dozens of small rainbows in a multitude of directions.

Gina Pearlin Artist Statment / Bio / CV

8) Gina Pearlin interpreted the dream of Vanessa Woods (Version 2)
See above.

9) Catie O’Leary interpreted the dream of Gina Pearlin
I am walking along a dry, dirt path. I come to place where there is a stand of brown/grey trees (like Eucalyptus trees). I am startled to see very large birds with huge beaks perched in the trees. I feel uneasy about them. I am fearful that they could attack. I try to leave quietly so as not to draw their attention.

Catie O’Leary Artist Statement Catie O’Leary Bio
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10) Eiko Borcherding interpreted the dream of Catie O’Leary
Running in the library wearing red pants to shake hands with a seed collector.

Eiko Borcherding CV

11) Victoria May interpreted the dream of Marc D’Estout
A moving stream surrounded by many trees and thick brush – a man’s body floats face down, I couldn’t reach him.

Victoria May Artist Statement
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12) Eiko Borcherding interpreted the dream of Catie O’Leary (Version 2)
See # 9

13) Robert Hardgrave interpreted the dream of Balint Zsako
My dream is that a big fat man with a black beard is devouring everything in his path while chasing me. I can fly and jump but my superhuman abilities are mirrored by my follower. Oddly he is not menacing but bored. I generally don’t remember my dreams but I remember this one from when I was a child.

Robert Hardgrave Artist Statement / Bio / CV

14) Walter Robinson interpreted the dream of Victoria May
It is from a long time ago when I worked at a bridal shop. We had a “fit” model who was this high school student who was a perfect size 8, so we would fit the patterns for production on her before we finalized them. She was like a Barbie basically and pretty much looked like one, though since she was so young, she was incredibly innocent and sweet.
For some reason I had a dream with her in it that took place on the street of my boring suburban home town in southern California. In the dream, the street had been newly resurfaced and the asphalt was super shiny chunky black, almost glittering with some kind of glass beads in the asphalt. Dotted at a regular distance on this asphalt were bright fake plastic flowers that stood up on their own (like something you’d see around Easter) and Julia (that was her name) was swimming fluidly through the asphalt. I think she had on a bathing cap.

Walter Robinson Artist Statement / Bio / CV

15) Leif Low-Beer interpreted the dream of Eiko Borcherding
I was scratching my left underarm noticing the skin felt like some crumbling thin paper. So immediately there was a hole in my arm. Looking inside I saw veins and strings and something else that I pulled out, and that turned out to be pieces of Broccoli! Digging deeper I found more and more of that, pulling it out until I realized I created a massive hole in my Skin, that was just crunching and crumbling away. I was wondering how to close that hole, as there was no chance of sewing that...

Leif Low-Beer Artist Statement / Bio / CV

16. Mari Andrews interpreted the dream of Robert Hardgrave (Version 2)
See # 1